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  • Astro-Vision Astrology Software
    The most trusted Astrology Software based on Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology. Ideal for Astrologers and Astrology Students. Recommended by Astrologers since 1984.
  • Angel 21
    Vedic astrology resource site with free astrology downloads, lots of information on vedic astrology, vedic astrologers, where to learn vedic astrology, hundreds of excellent links
  • Astrogyan
    nstant Free Indian Astrology and Online Horoscope Charts with Predictions from astrogyan.com! The first complete guide and information library about indian astrology, online horoscopes, love astrology
  • Astrological Society of India
    strological Society Of India, Kerala - online astrology service in traditional Indian horoscopes, horoscopes, marriage-compatibility reports, prepared using birth-data, astrology, numerology year guide
  • Astro Predictions
  • Astrology of India
    Information about Vedic Astrology or Jyotish
  • Hindu Astrology
  • Indian Astrology 2000
    Horoscope consultation based on ancient indian astrology system by expert astrologer from india.
  • Jai Maharaj
  • Jyotish, Vedic Astrology
    yotish, Vedic astrology site of Jai Maharaj
  • Jyotish Astrology
  • My Astro Help Line
    Consultants providing online Indian astrology, vedic astrology predictions, india astrology zone, daily horoscopes, astrological predictions and weekly horoscopes
  • Astrology for Life, Health and Prosperity
    Free astrology and Horoscopes gives accurate predictions on the real shape of one's life that can be improved with efforts.
  • Planets9
    Vedic relationship astrology
  • Questions of Life
    Vedic Horary (Prasna) Astrology
  • Soothsayers of India
    Vedic Astrology Consultants
  • Sudhanshu
    Online live consultation
  • Veda link
    Horoscopes by traditional Jyotish astrologers living in India!
  • Vedic Astrology
    Vedic Astrology Readings by Chakrapani, one of the world's greatest in Indian Astrology. Professional in Jyotish and Hindu Astrology
  • What Is Jyotish?
    Vedic astrology horoscopes by Jyotish astrologers living in India.
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